The Eagle is the symbol used for St John, one of the twelve apostles and the person whom the school is named after. The eagle is also a symbol meaning courage, strength and excellence.

The Open Book with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, is the symbol of learning in all areas of the school.
The Southern Cross is a symbol of our country Australia while the M and the Star represent Mary, Mother of God and the Presentation Sisters who were the founding sisters of St John’s School. The Pelican is a symbol of the school looking after the hearts and minds of the young. It is symbol taken from the Coat-of-Arms of Bishop Thomas who was Bishop of Geraldton when the school was founded.
School Motto
The Latin words “Sinite Parvulos”
pronounced: “See – knee – tay Par – voo – low – ss”
meaning “Let the Little Children” comes from St Mark’s Gospel.