The School Board, in representing the St John’s School community, actively promote and support the Catholic ethos of the school. The Board members is the financial advisory body who works with the Principal to ensure strong financial management and strategic planning for the current and future needs of the School. The Board strive to support the staff and school community in the work that they do, both recognising and commending the excellent professional and pastoral reputation of the school.

The Board is responsible not only to the local school community, but also to the Catholic Education Commission of WA for the financial administration of the school. It is also entrusted with the duty of planning, on behalf of the school community, with the school staff (through the Principal) and with the Commission to meet the present and future needs of students.

At the beginning of each school year a Board is inducted and commissioned. Board members are supported by the Catholic Education Office of WA, and are given access to training and appropriate information courses.

The role of the School’s Board is one of setting the long-term future for the school and in providing additional financial and strategic planning and management to help the school achieve the best outcome for every student.

​Taking on a position with the School Board is a wonderful way for parents to get involved and help shape the school. In addition to the normal Executive roles, the School Board also appoint a range of sub-committees, giving parents a chance to utilise their business expertise or other specialisations to ensure a rewarding and bright future for our students.

The School Board has 9 members consisting of six parent representatives that are elected for a two year term at the Annual General Meeting, the School Principal and the Parish Priest and a P & F Representative.

2019 School Board

Chairperson: Sharnna Weston
Parish Priest: Father Larry 
Principal: Ben Will
Assistant Principal Brett Love
Leader Special Projects Kylie Murphy
Vice Chairperson: Tristen Reed
Secretary: Candi Forsyth Mongoo
Treasurer: Bill Fairall
P&F Representative: Nicole Jupp
Board Members: Ebony Wheatland, Stacey Ertzen

The School Board meets monthly throughout the school year.

If you think you can benefit the school by being part of the St John’s School Board, please contact the School (

Further information regarding the Catholic School Board Constitution