The school uniform is compulsory. Most items are available from the School Uniform Shop. Pre-worn uniforms can also be obtained from the Uniform Shop.

School Uniform Shop (open 8.20am – 8.45am Monday & Tuesday)

A pleasing feature of our school is the pride taken by all children in wearing their school uniform.

  • Please ensure that all clothing is labelled.
  • Ensure all children’s belongings have their names marked on them.
  • Lost property is collected and held in the school office until the end of each semester. Items unclaimed are then donated to the second hand uniform shop.
  • Shoulder length hair must be tied back with white or green scrunchies.
  • The following jewellery is permitted to be worn at St John’s:
    • One set of gold or silver sleeper/s or stud/s (No coloured stones)
    • Wrist watch
    • Signet ring
    • Religious medal attached to a necklace

Girls Uniformuniforms-school

  • School dress
  • Black school shoes (not sandshoes or boots) with St John’s white socks with green band or brown sandals
  • St John’s School hat/cap
  • School jumper

Boys Uniform

  • Grey shorts or trousers
  • Grey school shirt with emblem
  • Brown school sandals (not surf sandals) or black school shoes (not sandshoes or boots) with St John’s grey socks
  • St John’s School hat/cap
  • School jumper

uniforms-sportSports Uniform (Boys and Girls)

  • Bottle green (taslon) shorts
  • School sports shirt
  • Sports shoes (black and not skate shoes) and St John’s white socks with green band
  • St John’s School hat/cap

The sports uniform is worn when the classes do ‘Blue Earth’ and every Friday, which are Sports Days. It will also need to be worn at the Annual School Sports Carnival and on other occasions when the children represent the school for sporting functions.

Kindy and Pre Primary T-Shirts

uniforms-kindyuniforms-preprimaryThe Kindy children have special bright blue St John’s School T-shirts and a dark blue St John’s Pre Primary T-shirt can be worn. The wearing of the t-shirt is optional and is in line with the school’s strongly held developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education belies of not wearing a formal uniform at this early stage of their school life. The Kindy and Pre Primary T-shirt were designed in discussions with parents who wish the children to have a uniform and so that the Pre Primary children who travel on the bus are easily identified.

School Fees and Uniform Prices