Short Term Principal Mr Ben Will
Assistant Principal Religious Education/Administration Mr Brett Love
Leader of Special Projects Mrs Kylie Murphy
Playgroup Co Facilitator Mrs Kylie Murphy
Playgroup Co Facilitator Alyce Whitby 
Kindergarten Teacher/Playgroup Mrs Nicole Henderson
Kindergarten Education Assistants Mrs Linda Osborn
Mrs Shelley Epps
Pre Primary Teacher Mrs Danyela Payne
Pre-Primary Assistants Mrs Linda Osborn 
Year 1 Teachers Mrs Cherrill Zander 
Year 1 EA

Mrs Deeanne Peck

Leigh Golosky

Year 2 Teacher Mrs Pamela Biancuzzo
Year 2 EA Mrs Jane Smith, Mrs Natalie Bradley
Year 3 Teacher Miss Erica Lee
Year 4 Teacher Mr Patrick Matthews
Year 5 Teachers Miss Ashleigh Pedler
Year 5 EA Mrs Lucinda Ruiz
Year 6 Teachers Mrs Gemina Newhill
Mr Brett Love 

Learning/Educational Support

Special Needs Coordinator: Mrs Kylie Murphy
Learning Support/Early Intervention Mrs Kylie Murphy
Reading Recovery Mrs Christine Kerr
Aboriginal Teacher Assistants: Mrs Natasha Karkoe, Ms Lesley Jones. 


Information Technology Mr Brett Love
Music and LOTE/ Indonesian Miss Lauren Hewitson (Tues – Thurs)
Bluearth Mr Tony Scally (Wed)
Art Ms Kristen Hogue (Tues – Wed)
Liturgical Music Sr Lyn Sparling (Fri)

Auxiliary staff

Administrative Assistants Mrs Kym Harris
Mrs Tracey Doglione (Mon, Wed – Fri)
Library Technician Mrs Lauren McMile (Tues, Wed, Thurs: am)
Canteen Mrs Jane Smith (Wed, Fri)
Cleaners Mrs Chris Gee, Mrs Lynnette Gillard
Grounds and Maintenance Mrs Janet Spowart, Mr Tim Wood